NZ moves to Level 3. Thanks for you patience. Your beary friends can now be delivered. Overseas orders may have slight delays. Thanks for your understanding at this time. xx Kia Kaha
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Launch of KiwiCurio

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Launch of KiwiCurio

Hi Bear-lover and lovers of all things New Zealand-ish, I'm very excited to welcome you to the launch of our Kiwi Curio site. I am planning to introduce more unique and interesting New Zealand goodies, to appeal to both Collectors and people looking for unusual  gifts, made in New Zealand. As a bit of background, I worked with my mother, teddy bear artist, Robin Rive from the UK for many years. I then took a break, starting a family whilst Robin focused on her farm and a new passion for Potting. This, in conjunction with a terrible Studio fire, left...

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