Hello fellow Robin Rive Bear Lovers!

The following questions have been asked often so I hope this helps. 

Q. Are you still selling Online during the CoVid-19 Crisis?

A. Our website is still open so you are welcome to order but we will keep your chosen Hugsters until it is safe to send. We cannot send out your bears until we are out of Level 4 lockdown in NZ.Stay at home and cuddle your bears


Q.I would love to adopt a special bear which is a OAK (One of a kind). It might sell but I can't afford her right now. Can I reserve it?

A. We offer a lay-away service so if you would like me to reserve it get in touch. I am happy for you to pay a deposit and we can set up a payment plan.


Q. I would like to give a Robin Rive bear as a gift to a special friend, can I use their name on the bear.

A. Yes, we are happy to personalize the name tag on the Limited edition One of One bears for you.


Q. How long does delivery take?

We will process your order within 24 hours following payment in cleared funds. We will then send you an email notifying you when your order has been shipped and when to expect it. 

Delivery is by NZ Post unless specified.

Please allow 3-5 days for delivery domestically

6-14 days worldwide depending on seasonal fluctuations


 Q. I hear Robin Rive bears are Award winners. What awards have they won? 

A. Robin Rive bears won over 24 international awards during their heyday. Their list is on the website under Awards. 


Q. Robin Rive designed the original range in New Zealand throughout the 1990's up until 2008. Who is involved now?  

A. Although Robin Rive bears are no longer making we still have family involvement with Robin's daughter, Brigitte setting up the KiwiCurio website to offer the final Robin Rive Hugsters rescued from the flames, to  those of you still looking for exclusive, top quality, handmade teddy bears that last the test of time.


 Q. I have an old Robin Rive Teddy Bear or Collectible. Can you help identify it and tell me the history?  

A. Unfortunately most of our records went up in smoke in 2014 so it is difficult to find information on many of the characters. We did manage, however to rescue some catalogs so are sometimes able to let you know when they were 'born'. You are welcome to post a photo on our Facebook community page and we will do our best to find the details for you. 


 Q. I bought a bear some years ago. Can you give me an idea of its value? 

 A. We are unable to give valuations as the market dictates prices for the secondary market.  

Robin Rive bears are no longer being produced so they are becoming hard to get hold of and are  no longer sold through retailers. This site is one of the last places you can get hold of brand new Robin Rive bears. Some of which have been 'aged' as befits their 'getting on' in life and those which have been given 'new life' as personalised hugsters.

If there is anything else you'd like to know just or email or message me. 

Beary Best