Why Kiwi Curio?

'A Friend today … an Heirloom tomorrow' 

Celebrating over 35 years involvement in soft Collectibles, I'm excited to feature Robin Rive teddy Bears. 

My mother, Robin created award-winning soft collectibles in New Zealand from 1973 to 2008. 

  • Lovingly Handmade in New Zealand 
  • Created to last from top quality, hard-wearing German Schulte mohair
  • Limited Edition Creations inherited & safe-guarded for the next generation
  • Easily recognizable by Robin Rive's iconic signature on the paw pad (right for limited, left for non-limited editions)
  • Fully jointed for additional character and poseability
  • Internationally acclaimed, award winning characters

I worked alongside my mother, Robin for many years, developing our bears in the UK & Europe.

On returning from living in London, I discovered the very last remaining Robin Rive bears who were in hiding, have survived our terrible 'Studio Fire' of  2014. These hardy survivors were created pre-2008 and so are already 'vintage'. It seemed awfully sad not to share the last of our Family of bears with fellow arctophiles and so 'KiwiCurio' was born.

Some teddy bears are the last numbers available from our previous ranges but many bears have been transformed into special one of ones, and are further 'aged', making them even more sought after and Collectible.

During my years of travel, I collected lots of 'curios' and interesting pieces that I now incorporate into our 'one of one' teddy bears and dollys. 

I love personalising our Hugsters to make them even more special for you,  so if there is a particular name or idea you have for a teddy bear, please let me know.

Once the bears are adopted, we don't have the capacity to create any more new teddys so enjoy our Hugsters whilst you have the chance.

Beary Hugs


Brigitte and the Robin Rive Hug