Celebrate Matariki with lots of Hugs from your favourite Hugsters

Brigitte Rive

Matariki hunga nui 
Matariki brings us together 

I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch with you recently. It has been a difficult year and with great sadness that I tell you that my mother, Robin passed away recently. She was my great inspiration, a woman of great passion, creativity, living in tune with the natural worlds' rhythms. 

In New Zealand, today, July 14th we celebrate Matariki and acknowledge Te Mātahi o te Tau | Māori New Year.  

It is a time to reflect on the past year, honour the dead, celebrate the present, and plan for the year ahead.  

Signified by the Matariki (Pleiades) cluster of whetū | stars reappearing in our mid-winter night sky. Bright, clear stars promised a warm and successful season. Hazy stars, however, warned of cold weather and poor crops. It is said to mark the spirits of those that have passed away in the last year to become stars and so loved ones are remembered on their journey to the heavens. 

It seems fitting to re-connect with you all at this special time. Let us celebrate the coming year with our friends, family and communities.

I hold my special 'Robbie' bear and think about my incredible, talented Mum who I will always hold dear in my heart.

 Have a wonderful Matariki. Kia kaha all. xxx  Many Hugs from B & the Bears

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