Spring Cleaning your special Collectible Bears

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Caring for your Collectible Robin Rive Teddy

The daffodils and jonquils are out and it's time for a beary good Spring Clean of your Hugsters. 

Your Hugsters’ will enjoy a light brush and gentle blow with a cool hair dryer to fluff up their hair and  freshen themselves up.  

For marks on the mohair you can very gently sponge and surface wash the area. Be sure not to soak the fabric, as you may damage the joints.

If your bear has gotten a little dusty, whilst relaxing around your home, you can put a pillowcase over the end of a vacuum hose and very carefully go over the area. To remove fluff on their clothing you can run a lint brush or sticky tape over the surface.

  • Removeable 100% cotton clothing may be gently hand-washed
  • 100% designed and handmade in New Zealand to make you smile
  • Reuse of packaging to be more ‘earth-friendly’

‘A Friend Today…an Heirloom Tomorrow’     www.kiwicurio.com

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