Easter Bunny Treats

Brigitte Rive


Hoppity Easter Bunny mohair jointed limited-edition Robin Rive rabbit


The clocks have turned back and Autumn has definitely hit  Auckland. After being caught up in Cyclone Debbie, over the last few weeks, we are all feeling a little washed out from the dramatic floods at Oakdale Farm….bridges washed away, stories of cows being washed down Clevedon River  to be found out at sea, calmly grazing on one of the nearby islands…!  Fortunately things have calmed down a bit in time for the Easter Break so we are looking forward to a few days relaxing in the countryside!

I know we’re usually all about bears but I think at this special time we want to celebrate our little bunny cousins …. Happy Easter one and all!

Click Hoppity, above our lovely bunny buddy. He is 24cm and created in dusky pink mohair. Easter Special Price so have a look at him now.




Rachel and her Rabbit, an armful to be sure, Rachel is 47cm and comes with her favourite darling little bunny toy


Humpty…. Well I now he isn’t a bunny but he is an egg so this seems a good time to introduce him to you. He is 23cm and has flexible arms and legs so he can be put in different postures.

See Humpty here!

Art - Spectacles or no Spectacles…You choose.

 It is up to you as they are removable. He is one of the first of our aged range and has been gently distressed. Definitely feeling in need of a Hug!!

We are now up and running on Facebook and have created a Robin Rive community page. We’d love you to join our group and add comments, picture and ask any questions so you have somewhere to go to discuss you beary thoughts!

Happy Easter




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