Special Robin Rive Baby Bliss Bear Giveaway for Easter

Brigitte Rive

  Get your special vintage Robin Rive Baby Bliss Bear with orders placed before midnight Easter Monday (while stocks last!) 🐻



Did you hear the latest news on the ‘bear-wire’? We have very limited stocks of our vintage Baby Bliss Bear, 18cm  plush, limited edition (circa 1996) to give away with orders placed by end Monday 5th April. (value $ 120)


Valid for a week today to end Easter Monday whilst stocks last.


Robin Rive Lavendar Blue easter eggs

You Still Have Time!


Hard to believe we are a quarter way through the year already. Easter is coming up and we are getting ready for daylight savings to be over.

On the other side, you’ll be thankfully emerging from hibernation, so now might just be the time to treat yourself with one of our remaining Robin Rive personalised teddies like the gorgeous Sakura 

or the unusual Jama who will hide your treasures for you.


Check out more brand new exclusive cuddly Hugsters like :  Flynn, Arney and sweet Lenny

Order now to get Baby Bliss from kiwicurio.com 

Biggest hugs for you, your family and of course, your happy Hugsters.

Beary Best Wishes,

Brigitte Rive


'A friend today...an heirloom tomorrow"


“A teddy bear hold a child's hand for a short while, but he holds their hearts forever.”




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