Happy 2019 and Robin Rive's 80th Birthday Celebrations

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'Beary' Happy 2019, 
It’s been a while since we’ve been in touch so I wanted to give you a wee update on the Robin Rive news.
2018 was a bit of a tricky year with Robins’ health not being great, however, she’s on the mend and we all shared a very exciting week or two of 80th birthday celebrations.
As part of the preparations, we realised it’s 14 years since Gareth and I got married on the Monet Bridge at the farm. It was looking a little tired, so the grandchildren repainted it as a surprise for the party celebrations.  We had a lovely family and friend 'al fresco' lunch at Oakdale Farm and even invited some special bears along!
 Click here to share Robins favourite recipe – a delicious Nadia Lim coconut and lime feather cake that I secretly whipped up for the day. It’s sooo good!
Kiwi Curio has added some lovely new 'vintage' bears to help celebrate this special event so be sure to check out the exciting Offers for Bears adopted in March.
Big Beary Hugs xxxx
Brigitte & the Bears

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