Teddy’s boy

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Teddy’s Boy: 32cm / 12.5cm

This lovable Robin Rive bear cub is made in grey tipped short mohair with a caramel short mohair face. He goes delightfully together with Teddy’s Girl. Check him out and see for yourself what a special pair they make. 

His stuffing is soft pollyfill and natural wool and she has brown ultra suede paw pads. 

He carries Robin Rive’s distinctive signature of his right foot to show he is a limited edition.

Limited Edition 1 of 1

He was created to celebrate the centenary of the teddy bear in 2002. He comes with a copy of the cartoon of  "The first teddy bear" Berryman's original cartoon, which illustrates President Teddy Roosevelt refusing to shoot a baby bear cub in 1902.,,,they say the origin of the name 'Teddy' Bear. A very special teddy bear, one of the last of the range.



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